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Young people and sports

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The Alpha Grove Youth Project works with young people predominately from the borough of Tower Hamlets who are aged 11-19yrs offering youth-orientated activities, advice, support, information, and guidance. We work directly with young people and their families to assist young people in their development to adulthood addressing issues which directly affect them and their communities. We are an open and friendly provision with a skilled staff team delivering high-quality programmes and activities with and for our youth members

We provide a programme of youth activities for young people that promote social inclusion and participation. These include recreational, educational, creative, physical, and social aspects with the aim of engaging young people in a programme of activities in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. We work with local partners to develop and extend on our work to increase the potential for tangible outcomes and accreditations.

These activities include arts and crafts, sports, music sessions, cooking, group work and social education workshops. We hope to create opportunities for more peer led initiatives, volunteering, and the breakdown of geographical barriers between youth groups. All our activities are derived through consultations with the young people providing them with an active voice for community cohesion and inclusion.

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