Terms and Conditions of hire

1: Booking/Payment:

  1. Bookings can only be considered from persons who are at least 18 years of age on the date of application.

  2. Payment of a refundable deposit and a hire fee is required for all bookings.

  3. Booking will not be confirmed until the deposit payment is received.

  4. Payments for deposit and hire fee must be received by us:

  • No later than 14 days before the date of the event if paid in cash or by BACS transfer, or

  • No later than 21 days before the date of the event if paying by cheque, payment by cheque must be supported by a guarantee card.


2. Retention of Deposits:

  1. We may retain all or part of your deposit if we suffer losses or damage for which you are responsible. If our losses exceed the amount of your deposit, we may require additional payment.

  2. We may retain all or part of your deposit if you fail to vacate the hall at the agreed time or you fail to clean and tidy the hall.


3. Cancellation:

  1. Cancellations should be notified to us at least 28 days in advance, if less than 28 days’ notice of cancellation is received, any refund is entirely at the discretion of the management committee.

  2. We reserve the right to cancel any booking to carry out essential repairs or maintenance of the centre; in this event any payments will be refunded.


4. Liability for Loss or Damage:

  1. You are responsible/ liable for any loss or damage suffered by Alpha Grove Community Centre because of your activities as a hirer. This includes (but not restricted to) damage to the premises, garden, fixtures, fittings, furniture, and equipment, call out fee for false fire alarms, and loss of income. 

  2. You are responsible for the actions of people you admit to the centre as part of your booking or who gained access to the centre because you failed to control the access properly.


5. Keys:

  1. The Centre will be opened for you 30mins prior to the start of your event. If you require additional set-up time, please do indicate so.


6. Fire Precaution:

  1. You must read and comply with fire notices posted throughout the building. A copy of the standard notice will be supplied to you on request. You should familiarise yourself with the fire alarm call points in each room, the location of extinguishers, and available escape routes.

  2. You must not prop any fire doors open, obstruct fire doors or escape routes, damage any fire safety equipment, cause an accumulation of dangerous combustible materials, or do anything likely to cause a fire risk.

  3. In the event of a fire, your primary responsibility is to ensure the rapid and safe evacuation of the building.

  4. If you know that false alarm has been raised (for example, a member of your group has accidentally triggered the alarm) you may cancel it by following the instructions by the fire alarm panel in the front lobby. You should only do this if you are certain that there is no fire.

Alpha Grove provides a wide range of advice, support, education, and employment training services for communities across Tower Hamlets.


Alpha Grove is a registered charity (1181068) and a company limited by guarantee (4494613).

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