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Impact & Results 

To support the effective delivery of employability services, AG focus on stages one to four of the Strategic Skills Pipeline as each stage is linked to a recognized part of the job-seeking journey”.


These are:

  1.  Engagement and referral

  2.  Barrier removal and needs assessment

  3.  Vocational training and work experience

  4.  Pre-employment training and job matching

AG has supported over 150 people who are seeking help to secure and sustain employment.

Additionally, over the next three years AG will support:

  • 450 people to access community-based employability support

  • 339 people to improve their employability skills

  • 210 people to achieve accredited training awards

  • 225 people to progress into employment, Further Education, training, or volunteering

  • 45 people with supported work experience placements

  • Create at least 2 new jobs at AG for people within our target groups

In this way, AG are contributing to decent work and economic growth in Tower Hamlets by creating long-term employment opportunities.

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