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About us

Our mission is to provide residents with resources and services empowering them to live healthier and more prosperous lives.

Alpha Grove was established in 1980 as a charity and community hub in a neighbourhood experiencing some of London’s highest levels of deprivation.

We aim to foster change by inspiring residents facing extreme levels of housing overcrowding, child poverty, poor educational attainment, skills deficits, unemployment, and benefits dependency with opportunities to make positive and informed life changes.

While providing practical services including information, advice and guidance as activities shaped by feedback from local residents to address unemployment by transferring life skills into opportunities for community engagement, celebration, volunteering and employment, Alpha Grove continues to listen and help consider means of improving local lives.


We also offer community Resources, Training Opportunities, Internet Cafe, Community facilities, Professional and Private Room Hire for Conferences, Meetings, Community Groups, Free Internet Access with Training Facilities for local Schools and Businesses and much more.


As deeply rooted, complex and many social disadvantages contribute towards poverty and health inequality, Alpha Grove has provided useful advice on healthy eating, wellbeing and social activities empowering residents to come together, share and improve their lives.

The people with work with include:

  • Disadvantaged and hard-to-reach people

  • Those experiencing social isolation

  • Those with long-term ill-health

  • Those with physical and/or learning disabilities

  • Vulnerable people of any age and their carers.

We work with many local groups, often in partnership, and through offering space within our community centre to each one.


A fly-on-the-wall documentary filmed in April 2009 about returning to the Isle of Dogs. Features original footage from the Alpha Grove Community Centre filmed by ITN cameraman, Tony Scott, in 1983

Our Values

  • Passionate

  • Inclusive

  • Responsive 

  • Community Focused

Our History

Alpha Grove Community Centre is an umbrella body and landlord to a number of independent voluntary organisations on the Isle of Dogs. The centre is located in the Old Methodist Church building in Alpha Grove Isle of Dogs. On 21st August 1980, Methodist Church trustees donated the building to Alpha Grove Community Trust for the benefit of the community.

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 17.03.16.png

As a result, Alpha Grove Community Centre was established as a multipurpose centre which offers social and recreational services to local people of Isle of Dogs area of London Borough of Tower Hamlets. A board of Trustees comprises of people from the local business community and the residents of Isle of Dogs who meet every month to monitor the operations, finances, human resources and overall strategic direction of the centre.

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